Carved from Gold

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by Mike Shade

In the Temple of Iro, men worship the gods with their bodies. Split into sects, or shards, depending on which path they follow, each shard has a curate, each curate has a novitiate; Hokonnen is Sint's.

Torn from the familiar and chaotic Emerald Shard, Hokonnen finds himself novitiate to Sint of the Gold Shard, where submission is key. Hokonnen cannot understand why he was initially drawn to and accepted by the wrong shard. Could it be that he was deliberately misled? And perhaps there is more to the storms and chaos that seem to call to him than meets the eye.

Can Sint keep the chaos from having Hokonnen? And can the tattooed Hokonnen find the peace he needs within the walls of the Gold Shard, and, ultimately, within Sint's arms?

Read this Path of Iro novel and find out!

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  • Authored by: Mike Shade

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