Dry Bones

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by Lucius Parhelion
New Mexico Territory in 1896 wasn't the easiest place for a couple of cowboys to make a living. Being fired from their last spread for refusing to illegally evict a family of grangers was an unexpected blow. Just as well that Joss quickly found work for himself and his partner Ox, carting around giant lizard bones for a wealthy Eastern greenhorn afraid of bone rustlers.

Joss had no way of knowing that Ox and their new employer had already met. Given Ox's stolid silence, Joss had also never suspected the secrets buried deeper than any dried-up bones in Ox's past. And Joss had surely never realized what hidden feelings underlay their partnership.

Now Joss will have to decide what Ox's friendship is truly worth, he’ll have to make some hard choices, if he can survive those dried-up bones long enough to find the time to choose.

Originally published in the Cowboy Up! Anthology.

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  • Authored by: Lucius Parhelion

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