The Tockleys

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by Laney Cairo

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Lori started her band, The Tockleys, when she couldn't get a gig as a drummer any other way. If anyone had told her at the start how much trouble it would be, she might have stayed at home and been a good goth girl.

Jude is an indifferent guitar player, but he's hot, and he can sing. More importantly, he's the kind of serious, clean-living person who is always sober and can drive the rest of the band home. Luk is a talented guitarist, more than compensating for Jude's musical failings, and he’s got the right kind of contacts to get the band gigs. He just needs to turn into a human being.
Jude's supposed to be celibate, and Luk's supposed to be straight, but they can't keep their hands off each other. While Luk and Jude are busy falling in love and making music, Lori's life is falling apart, but no one notices until it's too late.

The Tockleys have their own amazing music, borrowed guitars and someone else’s van… but a great sound is not enough to survive on, and The Tockleys are going to need all the love they can find to keep making music together.

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  • Authored by: Laney Cairo

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