Renovations 4-6

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by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

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After meeting on the job and falling madly but responsibly, reasonably, and carefully in love, Ven and Toby are committed to each other as lovers and business partners. But they're about to find out that there's more to being a couple than just playing house and fooling around. They experience all the ups and downs of every other pair of lovers, but they have a few complications that are uniquely theirs.

Toby has two little girls from his first marriage who are still getting used to the idea that Daddy isn't coming back to live with Mama, an over-worked ex-wife, and meddling ex-in-laws. Ven's got his heart set on making an honest man of his lover but he's not quite sure he's ready to play second Daddy. It's going to take more than just hard work to lay the foundation for Toby and Ven's new life. Can they build something that lasts?

Renovations 4-6 was originally published as the second Renovations Chaser Series and includes the following three stories:

Renovations 4: Full House
Renovations 5: Mending Fences
Renovations 6: Coming Home

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  • Authored by: Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

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