Demons Inside: The Nine of Swords

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by Mike Shade

Rye is trying to settle into his latest job, which he likes enough that the thought of moving on again makes him ache. The girls at the club are sweet, the nights go by fast, and for a while, Rye thinks he can forget all of the bad things that have happened to him. When cop Jaime shows up, looking for his sister, Rye is a little worried, thinking someone is after him, but he soon finds out that Jaime is a good guy.

Jaime thinks Rye is hot, fascinating, and a little sad. The guy is certainly scared of something, and it brings out Jaime's protective side. There's just something about Rye that makes him want to keep the man safe. Can he convince Rye that life, and love, are worth coming out of hiding?

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  • Authored by: Mike Shade

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