Lightning in a Bottle

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by Mike Shade

When Pan, the self-admitted best wizard of the Three Kingdoms, finds that his knight and lover has been injured, he can't wait patiently for a healer to arrive. Not when Daniel's life might be in danger. So he decides to do a little spell that ought to deliver the old woman right to his doorstep, and right to his lover's aid.

The spell works...kinda. Instead of the old woman Pan expects he gets Sam, a doctor from another world, and Sam's lover, Echo. Pan and Daniel are convinced Echo is a demon, the way the artist has decorated himself, but they promise to get Sam and Echo back where they belong if Sam will just heal Daniel. When Sam and Echo appear to be stuck in the Three Kingdoms, things really start to heat up. Can Pan convince his straight-laced lover that it's a good thing they have Sam and Echo in their lives? Read this fantasy romp and find out!

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  • Authored by: Mike Shade

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