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AJ is the new vet in an small town in Wyoming. He soon meets Guy, a cowboy who works for a dude ranch. Guy is a good man, rough but with a gentle soul. AJ instead is open and young, with the hobby to shelter all the abandoned pet he can find.

From the first time AJ and Guy recognize in the other a twin soul: they are gay, but in a small town like that in where they live, it is not simple to find someone to share some intimate moments. But now maybe Guy can share the cold winter night with someone else.

The story is very short but tender. In this provincetown world there are not words speak loud to claim something or clamorous outing to affirm an ideal, but instead there are two souls who try to build a cosy world where they can live together in peace.
Date Added: 10/02/2007 by elisa rolle
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